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Why Einstein used Hypnotherapy?

From the ancient days to the modern generation, there are many people who suspect the art of Hypnotherapy. But know one thing, even the smartest and most successful people have undergone hypnotherapy to overcome their weaknesses; one of the most eminent personalities is the Noble Prize Winner Albert Einstein. The father of science actually discovered his creativity through hypnotherapy. In one of his hypnosis sessions, he actually discovered the theory of relativity, for which he won the noble Prize 10 years later.

Arti Tuteja Why Einstein used hypnotherapy

According to Albert Einstein, the mind that we use to solve problems should be different from that we had while creating the problem. For this purpose, he used hypnosis to relieve himself from Stress and the problematic thinking process. During one of such sessions, he came up with his most famous revelation on the speed of light “E=mc2”.

From royals to celebrities everyone has used hypnotherapy to get over their fears and weaknesses. Some of the notes personalities are:

Adele – To overcome Stage fright
Tiger Woods– To overcome distraction and get focused.
Princess Diana – It helped her with public speaking.
Kate Middleton – Helped her get over the morning sickness that she faced during pregnancy.
Sir Winston Churchill – Helped him stay away during WWII.

In one of his quotes, Albert Einstein wrote that any man who reads too much and uses his brain too little falls into a lazy habit of thinking.

As a child, Albert Einstein suffered from Dyslexia. As per his sister, he had a fear with languages and his family feared he would never learn to speak. Any sentence that was spoken, he softly repeated it to himself by whispering it. This actually formed a habit that he carried for years. Einstein’s high school teacher felt that the lad would not succeed in anything and was going nowhere and hence even expelled him from school. He also failed the entrance exams for a college and could never gain confidence from his teachers and professors.

At the age of 26, Einstein published his Theory of Relativity and also won a Noble Prize for it 16 years later; proving everybody wrong. In his autobiography, it has been stated that the insight that led to the Theory of Relativity was while he was daydreaming at the age of 16. Einstein wondered what it would be like to run beside a light beam at the speed of light. He then applied this theory to vague play after 10 years of working on it.

After Einstein’s death, his brain had been extracted out and studied on for years; to find out what was so different in it that made him a genius. To the researchers surprise, there was nothing extraordinary as they expected.

All that Einstein did was allowed his imagination to flow freely and not allowing anything to be structured. For him, Algebra was a “merry science”, he took math as a puzzle more than like work. He was a person who could dream while awake and he also believed that great discoveries happen through an intuitive thought process.

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