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How to talk to children so they listen

What if your child is not looking at your when you talk to them, or they are busy doodling, watching television, daydreaming or being completely aloof of the surrounding? What if they prefer to listen to music while they study? Or they don’t eat when they are asked to or end up trying things which you warned them of. Well are these behaviours an indicator of a problem or rude child. So, what to make of it?

Most Parents deal with issue of “my child doesn’t listen to me”. A conversation requires a lot of perquisite from rapport building at early stage to understanding their behaviours, their feelings and needs in an assertive positive way.

Learn in this two-hour workshop how to listen so children talk and how to talk to children listen”.

Topics Covered

1)    Muddy water

2)    Why talking in certain way is important, various age group

3)    How to talk so children listen – dos and don’ts

4)    Exercise: How to acknowledge their feelings.

5)    Mind Model

6)    Communication    

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