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Potential Unlimited training brings you both real and virtual sessions at your comfort. Now book your virtual session with the best hypnotherapist in Dubai.

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Dates : April 8-9 2021 , April 15-16 2021, April 23-24 2021 & April 29 2021


OMNI stands for ‘easy to learn and apply’. We are convinced that hypnosis and therapy are vital. If hypnosis is presented as something elite and complicated that can only be acquired through long studies, it impedes the progress and acceptance of hypnosis. Hypnotizing is easy. Do not accept anything else. Our students learn how to hypnotize on the first day and in this 3 day of basic training, they get to start from the scratch, including the history, philosophy and move on to the practical application of hypnotherapy.

What am I capable of after this Basic hypnosis training?

After a successfully graduation, you have all the required skills to hypnotize successfully, and if you like, start exploring the field of therapy or applying your existing skills in a more efficient way. You can assume to learn and finally apply things yourself you have never heard of before or about which others told you that they would not be possible. Read the training content thoroughly and assure yourself. Laws differ according to country and region*. The methods taught are not symptom – but cause oriented and hence offer the user plenty of room to act.

Contents of the OMNI Basic Hypnosis training

Get to know the new and efficient method of hypnosis therapy without wasting your time. You will experience convincing outcomes for your clients. No more guessing around if your client entered somnambulism(hypnosis) or not. No more endless sessions without results. Here you learn, among other things, the Dave Elman hypnosis induction, Importance of Pre-talk of a therapy, structure of positive suggestion, trance deepening techniques, Hypnosis Gestalt Therapy, Guidelines for successful transformation, Gerald Kein’s Hypnosis and the Mind Model, and more. Jerry Kein will repeatedly join the class via video.

Basic course is going to be 5 days course. Which will include the following

History of Hypnosis Exclusive Video Interview with Jerry Kien & H.Wipf
Role of The Conscious Mind Rare Live audio and Video Footages
Waking hypnosis Many Practical Exercises
Pre-talk therapy Live Class Demonstration and Practice
Hypnosis Gestalt Therapy Geral Kien’s Hypnosis n Mind Model
Role of the Unconscious Mind Pre- Induction Interview – The Pre-Talk
Guidelines for a Successful Transformation Dave Elman Induction
Traditional Classification of Hypnosis Elman Induction Modifications
Semantics/theory of meaning Client History Form
Structure of positive suggestions Introduction to Regression
Development of Rapport and Therapy Introduction to Rapid and Instant Inductions
Measuring reactions and trance depth 10 patters/Script on Various issues
Evolve the client’s goals Determination and Suggestibility
How to hypnotize in 4 minutes Hypnotic Coma
Instant and Rapid Induction  Achieving Coma State
Self Hypnosis Testing Coma State
How to teach self hypnosis to clients  Methods to Achieve Deep Trance
Trance Management Hypnotic Seal – How to recognize and bypass it

Patters can be included like:

  1. Depression
  2. Enuresis
  3. Head ache (general)
  4. Head ache (migraine)
  5. Insomnia
  6. Memory improvement
  7. Self discipline
  8. Confidence
  9. Stage freight
  10. Success in life

The training experience is enriched with live demonstration, practice during the training, where you can learn and be supervised on the techniques and nuances of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. Your learning experience is enhanced with wisdom, knowledge and humor of many videos and audios of Dave Elman and Gerald Kein.

The participant will be handed the basic practitioner certificate from OMNI International on successful completion of this course. This becomes your ideal step to take in the journey of hypnotherapy and exploring new career path in the same. Please Note: You can only take up the OMNI Advance Training once you complete the OMNI Basic Training Course.

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