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Reframing mindset

Reframing Mindset program is a self-development program that allows participants to work through various activities and exercises focusing on breaking the thinking pattern that doesn’t work in an individual’s routine and introducing novel thought process and self talk, as well as coping mechanism for adverse environment.

This course recognizes that the key to being productive and positive is within one self and focuses one developing personal skills and mental attitudes during the course of the training program.


Workshop based format of this program provides participants hands practice of various techniques of NLP, Relaxation, metaphors, and breakthrough understanding of the topics and more importantly of emotional intelligence.

Objectives of the workshop

  • Break thinking pattern
  • Eliminate patterns that don’t work
  • Introduce new ways of thinking and self talk
  • Provide coping mechanism
  • Developing resilience and empowerment


  • Quick change and results
  • Calm mind and improved mindset
  • Resilience towards life situations and uncertainty
  • Comping mechanism
  • Mindful living

What will be covered

  • Why reframing works, science behind it.
  • Unconscious and subconscious patterns
  • Reframing live on various examples
  • Live NLP and hypnosis session to eliminate fears, anxiety and stress
  • Coping mechanism – take home techniques. 
Reframing Mindset with Hypnotherapy in Dubai

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