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About Potential Unlimited

Potential Unlimited is a personal and professional development company. Supported with a mission to unlock every individual’s potential and introduce them to a life of abundance opportunity. Founded by renowned Hypnotherapist Arati Tuteja – Potential Unlimited is a fully developed collective for psychological wellness and lifestyle transformation. Based out of Dubai, Potential Unlimited is responsible for creating change in the lives of many 6-9 figure clients as well as corporates.

The cutting-edge personal development programs offered at Potential Unlimited can be taken by anyone who is interested in upgrading their skill set, looking to make a career in hypnotherapy or just simply wanting to change their lifestyle. The world class training program is catered with a client-centric approach and respective modalities is applied for the process for the desired result.

Our approach progressively rewires & upgrades mind, body systems.  Problem-solving, creativity, strategic thinking, decision-making, and the awareness that leads to business breakthroughs all improve.  You’ll also have a lifestyle that naturally supports continued business growth and personal evolution, so even when times get tough you have a built-in support system to catch you.