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Shopping Addiction is when a person shops compulsively and has no control over their behavior. Initially they get exhilarated feeling to shop but after buying immediately that excitement would dissipate followed by the desire to go out and buy more. The act of buying gives a high and trigger chemical reactions in the brain before their tolerance builds up and they’re just trying to function.

Excessive shopping means constant bombardment of pleasure chemicals in the brain until they get depleted, which triggers cravings for more, withdrawal symptoms, and loss of control just like any other addiction.

How hypnotherapy helps quit compulsive shopping?

Gaining control over any addiction needs the person struggling with the condition to recognise that the problem exists in the first place and to take responsibility. Once identified, through a varied mixture of NLP and hypnotherapy, the shopaholic can be given tools for neutralising the thrill of spending money or the behaviour of regular shopping.

Arti Tuteja’s modalities will help you to get some distance on your shopping habits so that you can be more objective about it. Her suggestive therapy encourages you to meet your needs in a healthier way, prioritize your thoughts, acquire the ‘saver’s mindset’ rather than a ‘spenders’ mindset’ and gain self belief that you are able to do this.

Stopping Shopping can make you feel frightening but with Arti Tuteja this can be eased up and help you look forward to the freedom and money you’re going to gain.