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Are you seen as a Gambler? If so, let’s change that for you.

Does your constant behaviour of betting and challenging opinions come off often? Being a gambler or an addict of betting to win develops a specific personality in you which makes you obsessed with being right or being on the top all the time. This is a sign of hyperactivity and is distinctive to be found normally in all human beings.

A gambling addiction is a progressive addiction that can have many negative psychological, physical, and social repercussions. It is classed as an impulse-control disorder.

You can feel your heart rate getting faster, your palms are getting sweaty and you feel agitated. The excitement grows as you feel a rush of adrenaline coursing through your body. This ‘rush’ you feel is so addictive and as powerful as any illegal drug you can get on the black market. The want of more dopamine just won’t let you hold back. However, it becomes an addiction when it is no longer enjoyable and you feel compelled to continue in pursuit of winning regardless of the odds.

Problem gambling is harmful to psychological and physical health. People who live with this addiction may experience depression, migraine, distress, intestinal disorders, and other anxiety-related problems.

How can Hypnotherapy for Gambling  help with ‘problem gambling’ ?

Hypnotherapy for gambling is the safest route to an assured healing or rehabilitation from the addiction of winning. There are many characteristics that are specifically found in people with a gambling addiction. The habit or routine that you might find as a person who interests gambling, will be filled with anxious thoughts, paranoia, and most importantly the greed to keep going.

The best way to change that routine and putting a permanent stop at the spiral of this addiction is by learning how to disagree to the urges in your mind. Doing so is going to be the most difficult task you will have ever done. Hence, opting for an expert in hypnosis is a smoother process which not only helps you in making a decision of ignoring your gambling instincts but also maintaining the courtesy to show you why it’s unhealthy.

Hypnotherapy for Gambling will make it simple for you mark your progress and see how far you’ve come from the addiction from the moment you chose to walk away. As soon as you start seeing that not doing the gambling won’t kill you, you will find a way to keep your distance on your own and that is your glory.

Individuals addicted to gambling are in the lookout for dopamine as a reward and gets detached from reality. This compulsion can be stopped with various hypnotherapy techniques depending on the different causes that led them there.

Arti Tuteja is an addiction specialist who understands the different gambling forms before customizing your session with her modalities. Her toolkit ensures you to gain distance on the habit and how to break free of the temporary pull of gambling illusion.

So, why wait? Free yourself from the compulsion now. Reclaim your life by being able to see your gambling for what it really is.

Powerful Hypnosis Techniques to overcome Gambling Addiction

  • The Non Awareness Set (NAS) Technique

    In the process of NAS, you will be put in a deliberate trance by Arati Tuteja, who will be handling your sessions. The whole idea for this technique to be used to cure gambling problems is about keeping your unaware about it being done to you. The severity of your gambling habit can be understood by the purpose you have of doing it. Sometimes you might even be doing it without a rational thought or a will. The way that works in your subconscious, the NAS technique works similarly where you wouldn’t know why you started hating gambling suddenly.

  • The Blitz technique

    The Blitz technique is the old fashioned interrogation and conversation based information extraction. The Blitz technique involves you spending time with the expert in the session where you will be consciously making conversations with them. They will be asking a lot of questions about your background and that will be with a sole purpose to get to the root of this problem which then can be inculcated into the methods of treating your subconscious to leave the gambling with time.

  • Regression technique

    The regression technique is oppressing your mind with the kind of thoughts which are exactly opposite to the ones that cause your gambling problem. There might be a specific reason which made you get yourself deep in the loops of gambling. Usually these reasons are psychological and directly connected to the way of your thinking. Understanding those psychological reasons and then using the contradiction in your mind to relapse on the positivity is a strong motivator to stop your addiction.
Hypnotherapy for gambling