Hypnotherapy in Dubai - Face-to-Face + Virtual Sessions Dubai

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Potential Unlimited training brings you both real and virtual sessions at your comfort. Now book your virtual session with the best hypnotherapist in Dubai.

Introductory course to Hypnosis

Welcome to the world of hypnosis. Times are changing! We are entering into the new era where your material gains do not define health and wealth, but by how happy, healthy, self-loving, and peaceful you feel daily. Gone are the days when taking pills was the only way to get better. We want to more, natural and no side effect remedies. We are more curious about the unlimited power that each one has to heal ourselves.

Here comes the alternative to learn and experience hypnosis so as to discover how to gain emotional and mental health and eventually spreading it by helping others. 

If you find yourself taking more and more interest in making this world a better place by helping people with their emotional health but still unsure how to go about it. This workshop will give you a broad idea of hypnosis, hypnosis as a career option, and powerful subconscious programs. Eventually you can proceed to expand your knowledge, skills, and attitude through the OMNI Basic Advanced Hypnosis course

  • Date: Every 2rd Sunday Morning
  • Time: 11am to 2pm ME
  • Token Fee: 75 AED
  • Register before 10th of the month and attend for Free


  • What is hypnosis
  • A brief History of hypnosis
  • Hypnosis and Misconceptions 
  • Subconscious Programming
  • Career in Hypnosis or Self Development
  • Experience Hypnosis 

For registration info@potentialunlimitedtraining.com

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