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Binge Eating

Binge eating is an emotional issue where the mind finds solace in food to feel safe and happy. It commonly coexists with conditions like anxiety disorders or depression. A person here develops a compulsive eating habit on gorging on large quantity of food multiple times or throughout the day.  The result is often surging guilt, disgust and blowing out of body weight.

How does hypnotherapy help for binge eating?

As bingeing commonly coexist with conditions such as anxiety disorders, depression or other negative emotions. The goal of hypnotherapy is to eliminate such conditions with bingeing and alter the habits with the power of suggestions.

Arti Tuteja’s client centric toolkit sets you free from this appalling food craving by facilitating a change in thinking when it comes to eating and teach the mind when to stop. She aims in promoting the subconscious power to alter and replace unhealthy bingeing to more healthy habits and develop a positive outlook towards food.

A few sessions with Arti sweeps you through to a autopilot mode of eating. Your mind and body will know when you are full and when to stop without making conscious or deliberate effort or use of will power.

Binge Eating Hypnosis