Building blocks to success

Each human is blessed with a mind of his own. Studying is characterized by an ability to learn, memory, liking and disliking of subjects, an attitude and motivation to study and learn, attention last but not the least, reading and writing speed.

It is this stress response that is more damaging than the stressor itself!

Often the problem with remembering isn’t that the information is not in your brain, especially if you’ve studied it. Instead, problems with memory usually involve finding (retrieving) the information from memory.

Memory is largely governed by attention span. This, in turn, governs the ability to retain information and skills. The route to memory is through- THE 3 R’S – Registering, Retaining, and Retrieving. Children and adults alike who want to improve their studies can avoid stress, restlessness, sleepless nights, and strained relationship with parents.

Study improvements benefit students of all ages. Firstly it will revamp your relationship with studies. It will help improve your memory, study and retention technique, focus, and better home environment including improved relationship with parents, more time at hand to develop other hobbies.

If you want to stand apart, Arti Tuteja, a consulting Hypnotist can help you win laurels.

How does Hypnotherapy help to Students in Improving Memory?

Improving weaknesses and compounding strengths.

Many parents go through sleepless nights when their children are constantly facing difficulties with their studies, frequent calls from class teachers and meetings with counselors to no end.

Hypnosis is a method of allowing you greater control over your own mind and body. This greater control can enable you to not only overcome stress and anxiety but also improve study skills. The Hypnosis process can provide a student with a calmer, more relaxed mindset, enabling a more efficient use of study time.

Hypnotherapy along with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) technique helps to reprogram effective personal learning habits, boost self-esteem, and confidence, relieve stress and create motivation, resulting in enhanced learning and improved memory. We use our senses to learn, NLP technique utilizes all our senses in order to enhance attention so that retention is expanded.