Bed-wetting is far common an issue than people realize. Children suffering from it, have a tendency for bed-wetting at typical duration at night. Most of the children naturally outgrow it. However, it is always wise to rule out any medical cause before seeking help from a hypnotist.

Apart from the medical cause, bed-wetting tends to develop due to an emotional issue arising out of fear of a person or situation, bullying at school, stress due to family issues.

Children under the age of ten having bed wetting as an issue can benefit from Sleep Talk™ Process, click here here to know more details.

This is one issue, which brings shame when discussed. A child goes to any lengths to keep it under wraps in order to avoid embarrassment and dejection. When bed-wetting continues into their teens, it can have a devastating effect on the child.

It is indeed exasperating for the parents but tremendously affect the psyche of their children. The negative emotion of failure creeps within the child, which can lead to low self-esteem. The soaked bedspreads, stinking bed, soiled pants and disturbed sleep bring massive distress to both parents and children.

How does Hypnotherapy help For Bed Wetting?

Bed-wetting can be helped in three ways. When the problem is out of a medical condition or deep sleeping, the child’s mind can be trained to wake up in the night, following the night time pattern and go to washroom while half asleep! Parents can learn Sleep Talk™ Process with Arti and regularly relay positive suggestions at night, this process is very effective for children and results are seen in couples of weeks.

The other way Hypnotherapy helps when bed-wetting is happening due to an emotional issue like fear, stress or bullying, the child is helped to neutralize these feelings in deep hypnosis. This process will help the child stop bed-wetting altogether.

Working with children requires creativity. Using imagery, metaphors, colors but also the imaginative power of a child is directed towards gaining control over the body.

Arti Tuteja, a consulting Hypnotist can alter the child’s stored expectations of failure into success through her interaction with child’s subconscious

The benefits of getting over this problem are tremendous for both children and their parents. Stress-free holidays, sleep-overs, night camps, adventure trips with peers, and most of all better self –esteem and sense of control.