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Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

If IBS have no corresponding illness and doctors cannot help you with, its likely that the cause of IBS is emotional one. This condition brings intense irritability and discomfort in your gut. It is also understood that IBS is caused due to fear and stress which can depower the functioning of two main glands of the body – intestines and skin. The symptoms appear to result from disturbances in colonic motility (muscle contractions) and increased sensitivity to food, gas, or stool in the bowel.

How does hypnotherapy help in IBS?

The cause of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is not completely understood. There are possible factors like genetics and prior adverse life experiences (e.g., infection, trauma) that can predispose someone to get IBS. It is also found that the altered muscle contractions appear to be due to disruptions in the communication between the brain and gut.

With gut-directed hypnotherapy, Hypnotherapist guides patients to a relaxed state. Once patients enter the hypnotic state, they are taken through visualization exercises and hear suggestions designed to calm their digestive tract and wean them away from focusing on gut sensations.

Arti Tuteja’s hypnosis session is all about retraining how your brain and gut communicate. Her therapy addresses problems that seems to accompany several gastrointestinal ailments: The smooth muscles of the intestinal wall can be hyper-reactive, altering the normal patterns of muscle contraction. Additionally, the brain can also be misinterpreting normal signals from the gut. The triggers of IBS symptoms are reduced once this disconnect is taken care of.

Positive thoughts embrace positive vibes, whereas negatives have degrading aftermaths. Thus, Arti’s formula for bidding a goodbye to IBS is to keep negativity at bay.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Hypnotherapy