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Fear of Public Speaking and Stage Fright

What is Fear of Public Speaking?

Glossophobia or the fear of public speaking is a commonly found discomfort amongst people since a long time. The digital era has aggravated this problem for people as everyone finds texting, emailing and calling a better way to communicate. The difference between these mediums and physical meetings is that physical meetings involve gestures, body language, and time investment. All of these factors require courage for an individual to be able to portray themselves. The absence of the courage in doing so determines the fear of public speaking. Hypnotherapy is a great stabilising solution to get rid of this fear of public speaking

Chances are that you have heard it before – More adults fear public speaking than those who fear death and it is most common flight and freeze response among today’s workforce, performance artists, sports personalities and students.  But why are there so many people who fear public speaking? What makes it such a miserable experience for so many?

In short, fear of public speaking resides in the mind. Deep in our subconscious – that huge repository of memories, beliefs – we’ve developed strong opinions of how we feel about public speaking and our confidence in our public speaking abilities. Few of the common causes are – fear of being judged, fear of making mistakes, fear of being laughed at, low self esteem and confidence, etc.

The trick to understand the fear of public speaking is by noticing how involuntary is the reaction of an individual suffering from it when asked to do speak publicly. This means that the collective hypertension and negative thoughts are sourcing from the subconscious side of the mind. The fear of public speaking like any other fear shall have a background. To find the reason behind why your subconscious is behaving in a certain way, hypnotherapy is the perfect way to go. The experts know how to help you by reaching the roots that sprout the fear of public speaking and remove them permanently.

How can hypnotherapy help overcome fear of public speaking?

The challenge is untangling these thoughts, and filling our minds with new, more helpful information. Root cause elimination, building on what is positive, is a key here.

To break this down into simple words, the fear of public speaking is like a big thread ball. We all know how the threads on a thread ball are interlaced. Hypnotherapy focuses on connecting the information that explains why is that you cannot find yourself confident when speaking in public. The process of accessing your subconscious to remove the fear of public speaking demands to keep you in a relaxed state. This is very easily done by the experts who communicate with you in the sessions. The moment they relax you down, the path to reach the core of fear for public speaking is clear.

As this progresses well and you are comfortable with the experts, the next step is to connect all the dots that explain the exact condition of the fear of public speaking that you might be facing. As soon as that is done, you will be taken into another environment subconsciously; the one that ensures the fear of public speaking is broken down and removed slowly and completely. Through this phase you will learn a lot about yourself and other tricks to keep your fear of public speaking on the low when you are on your own.

The expert who will be working on your fear of public speaking is an achieved hypnotherapist and has covered numerous fields of it.  Arati Tuteja is one of the finest in this field and is an experienced professional. She has worked countless cases with fear of public speaking and has cured their mind, removing all the subconscious misinterpreted information. Her methods to permanently take care of the fear of public speaking involve her communication skills in her sessions, tremendous knowledge  and so on.Arti helps clients overcome the phobia of public speaking with hypnotherapy and NLP at his clinic in Dubai.

Hypnotherapy session with Arti Tuteja helps in analysing the factors responsible for such level of fright and creating more appropriate responses when we face it. She helps you in building confidence levels and making you calmer, relaxed and composed. She works with the subconscious mind to find out the root cause triggering the fear and seep new positive ways of thinking and feeling.

With a couple of session, you will be on your way to stand up and express.

Fear of Public Speaking
Fear of Public Speaking