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Potential Unlimited training brings you both real and virtual sessions at your comfort. Now book your virtual session with the best hypnotherapist in Dubai.

Spiritual Hypnosis

Spiritual Hypnosis is a normal state of consciousness in which the individual is in a ‘relaxed’ or altered brainwave state which focusses their attention and awareness on a specific directive they have chosen consciously; thereby activating the subconscious and superconscious mind. It touches on higher existence of soul and spirit, as out higher consciousness can access information that we are seeking about spiritual growth, answers and life purposes.

Arti Tuteja assists you in your journey of solving mystery of your life, connecting you to the desires and intentions of your soul and creating lasting change. Potential Unlimited Training sessions provide you a path to subconscious and superconscious mind, breaking through blocks and barriers, seeking answers to your pains and unresolved issues, higher learning, unlocking your highest potential and finding your purpose in life.

Arti Tuteja offers spiritual hypnosis with Ultra-Height®- Hypnosis is one of the best hypnotic techniques available to hypnotists today. It uses deep trance states (i.e., Esdaile, Simpson Protocol, and Ultra-Depth) to achieve total physical relaxation combined with a heightened awareness to access the higher mind to help the client resolve their problems.

Spiritual Hypnosis Dubai