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Children's Hypnosis

Children tend to gain exemplary results to hypnotherapy through their power of imagination and they are highly suggestible. Unlike adults, they are more susceptible and less judgmental. Young children are like sponge, absorbing everything that parents and their environment has to offer.

Readiness of children to come for hypnotherapy is crucial to the success of the goal’s parents want to achieve for their children. It is important that their parents talk to children before bringing them to me. It helps building trust with their parents and therapist alike.

Areas where hypnosis can work best for children:

Some of the areas where children can be helped with hypnotherapy is confidence building, self-esteem, stage fright, stuttering, bed-wetting, bullying issues, aggression, study improvement, fears, nightmares, console gaming addiction, nail-biting, thumb sucking, weight loss and sugar addiction.

How Arti works with children?

Arti’s technique is being friendly and efficient in convincing  children that there is nothing wrong with them. This is very important as they stop blaming self for their problem. Creativity is core to dealing with children. She further would deploy metaphors, colors, shapes, cartoon characters, balloons, or their heroes in order to deal with their issue.

Children are more suggestible and receptive which makes Hypnosis more effective. With less resistance and questionability in their mind, results deriving from hypnotherapy are astonishing.

Children can get remarkable solutions from Hypnotherapy. It is very easy to swift down their subconscious mind and re-frames new ideas, imaginations, and beliefs. Their vivid imagination can allow them in finding the root cause of their problem faster and better. Little minds can rewrite the instructions poured on them to transform their response towards a particular problem in a positive way.