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Sexual Problems & Sexual Performance Anxiety

Many people experience sexual difficulties at some point during their life, find it difficult to acknowledge them, and can be slow to seek help.

Sexual difficulties are generally problems that prevent the individual or couple from enjoying sex, and make sex difficult. The most common sexual problems for men are erectile impotence and premature ejaculation, and for women, failure to reach orgasm.

These factors that bring down the satisfaction in having sex are usually caused because of sexual performance anxiety. Due to the pressure that both the individuals in a sexual relationship face, it is very common to see them question everything they do in bed. You might have experienced sexual performance anxiety if you have been less confident, or confused while having sex.  This also happens because of lack of knowledge and or motive. Sexual performance anxiety is bound to strike if you don’t have enough information about what to do in bed with your partner.

What is Sexual performance Anxiety?

When we simplify the meaning of sex, it is a release of energy that is meant to make two people feel pleasure. The core essence of sex as an exercise is energy and the sexual performance anxiety restricts that energy to be released. Hence, the people who are stressed exhausted, or lack oxytocin are victims to the sexual performance anxiety. The easiest cure there is to becoming sexually more active is through hypnotherapy. Since sexual performance anxiety is subconscious mindset, it can be changed with hypnotherapy. You can see the difference in your sex life once you are out of the bubble of sexual performance anxiety.

There are ample of problems related to sex – sexual dissatisfaction, premature ejaculation, impotency, Inhibited Sexual Desire and many more. It is time to seek help when it starts spilling over a relationship, self-esteem, and self-confidence or vice versa. Lack of communication, misunderstandings between the partners, tiffs, insecurities and overblown emotions, performance anxiety can drain off the sexual charm and intimacy too.

The purpose of sex includes most of our emotions and control over our thoughts. The emotions determine the attraction and desires that direct our thoughts of what we do with our partners. If you are finding a difficulty in establishing this communication then the sexual performance anxiety has taken over. Hypnotherapy is the bridge that does the establishing part for you since sexual performance anxiety is sourcing from your mind and hypnotherapy accesses it primarily. The sessions you have in hypnotherapy for sexual performance anxiety ensure you are no more under pressure.

How does hypnotherapy cure Sexual performance anxiety?

It is rather the easiest concept to understand that sexual performance anxiety must have a reason to exist. This reason is subconsciously stuck with the person suffering sexual performance anxiety. The process of hypnotherapy begins with developing a pattern of the person’s sex life and the problems they have faced in it. There are experts who have the correct kind of questions that bring them closer to finding the cause of sexual performance anxiety. As soon as this happens, the further sessions are dedicated in removing the things that cause sexual performance anxiety away.

Amongst the many capable hypnotherapists, the one with the highest amount of mastery in solving multiple problems with hypnotherapy. She is one of those experts who can cure a lot of things through hypnotherapy, sexual performance anxiety being one of them. Her methods are simple and elegant, for the way she communicates with her attendants brings out the comfort and will of them to be cured. As soon as you believe she can cure your sexual performance anxiety, you will find out that she did. All you need to do is reach out to her and understand her intentions to help you out.

A candid consultation and therapy with Arti Tuteja, a Hypnotherapist, and NLP coach, can bring in the desired change. (rule out any physical problem with sexual functionality)

Every thought generates feeling! Changes in the feelings bring real change and that’s where hypnotherapy comes into play.

Hypnotherapy always begins with changing what you “think”. Initial talk with client help set up goals; as thinking changes, feelings change too. By getting acquainted with root causes behind these turbulences, Hypnotherapy can modify fears, guilt and perceptions by dwelling into the subconscious mind. It releases the factors triggering the problem, facilitates the transformation of negative emotions and beliefs and reframing perception to attain more compatibility for a blissful relation ahead.

Sexual Performance anxiety

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