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About me

People Change for Two Reasons.

Either out of joy for the love and acceptance they get or by being forced to due to the pain & suffering they endure.

Which path will you take?

Helping others transform is truly my passion. Supporting them during their transformation process is something close to my heart. I completely believe that there is no exercise better for the heart than reaching out and helping through their self-transformation journey   – inspire them, heal them, guide them, transform them to live a fulfilled life.

My goal is to help empower  my clients to discover happiness from within and to live their lives to the fullest. Whether you are dealing with anxiety, stress, fears, pain, limiting beliefs, smoking or weight gain. I intent to equip you with the right tools you need to help you change what’s holding you back – the repetitive negative thoughts, the self-sabotaging habits, limiting beliefs or unwanted feelings and more. I believe we are all capable of making any change we desire for ourselves – unlock our full potential and live a life of true abundance and real freedom.

Academically, I have done my Masters in Social Work along with my Human Resource management degree. My Career has spanned around Consulting, with specialization covering human behaviour (DISC) profiling, job analysis, competency development and performance management. My access to people  was leading me to understand their internal issues like never before. I began to understand how their limiting beliefs affect the work environment and productivity in corporate work culture. I realized that there is a huge resistance to transformation as it associates one with fear of change, fear of failure and also fear of judgment. While the pace of transformation was slow in a structured work environment, I decide the take the plunge that opened up opportunity for me to learn. It was with hypnotherapy combined NLP, EFT and Mind Sciences, I could to offer proactive and gratifying process training, transforming and empowering experience. Finally, I had found my true path for transformation.

Now with over a decade of international experience in consulting change and transformation work to my clients as a hypnotherapist and as a life coach; I started my own personal and professional development company – Potential Unlimited. Here we conduct training for individuals, family, children, startups, corporates through world’s best practices in the field of Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programing. We also offer certified international training in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy.

I have been trained and certified for the below modalities:

  • Certified Omni Hypnosis Instructor, OHTC, Switzerland
  • Certified Hypnotherapist, by National Guild of Hypnotists, USA
  • Certified Hypnotherapist, OMNI hypnosis Training Center
  • Certified Neuro Linguistic Master Practitioner, NFNLP, USA
  • Certified NLP Coach, NFNLP
  • Certified practitioner of Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Certified NLP trainer
  • Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach, NFNLP, USA
  • The Goulding Process, Sleep Talk Consultant
  • Certified Hypnotherapist for Fertility
  • Certified Bariatric Hypnotist
  • Drain that pain Consultant

Our Mission:

Potential Unlimited, by providing world class, compassionate Coaching, hypnotherapy and training for personal and professional development, We provide individuals and businesses unleash creativity and self love.

This done by making the positive transformation become easy, natural and joyful experience for my clients,  with the right attitude and client centered modalities There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the positive change we can make together in your life.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”–

Mahatma Gandhi


Hypnofertility Centre Dubai Potential Unlimited Training
Omni Hypnosis Training Centre Dubai Potential Unlimited Training
National Guild of Hypnotist certified Centre Dubai Potential Unlimited Training
Arti Tuteja certified sleep talk consultant
Arti Tuteja, Certified Transactional analysis Practitioner
Certified Hypno Waving Practitioner Dubai, Arti Tuteja
Certified Bariatric Hypnotists, Arti Tuteja
Certified Drain the Pain Practitioner, Arti Tuteja
Certified Hypnotherapist National Federation of NLP, Arti Tuteja Dubai
Certified EFT Practitioner Dubai
Certified NLP Coach Dubai, Arti Tuteja
Certified EQ Coach Dubai, Arti Tuteja