There is no such thing as a congenital stutter. It is a learnt behavior and habit. It is a common understanding that people who block and stammer, tend to feel the fears, anxieties, etc.

It is quite tormenting to see a child trying to speak but is able to utter only a word after an extreme effort. It is equally surprising to meet adults in their thirties or forties who have the same problem as the little child.

Stammering is speech difficulty in which the flow and timing of the speech are disrupted. It includes:

  • Involuntary repetitions of words or phrases
  • Excessive repetitions of sounds and syllables
  • Pause or blockages in the speech
  • Tightening of facial muscles
  • Rapid eye blinking

Stammering starts from childhood and in most cases diminish on its own. But as the saying goes, some exceptions are always there. The severity of this issue varies from minor speech barriers to almost complete inability for oral communication.

People who have this issue do not necessarily stammer in all situations or in all conversations. Stammering hampers normal functioning of children and adults, like- normal classroom experience, expressing feelings among friends and family, shopping trips, performance at the workplace and much more.

Normal speech is when you converse with someone but the “how” of your talking is not even in your mind. You are totally focused on the content of what you are saying and the person with whom you are speaking. Indeed, this is the goal of the hypnotherapist.

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How Hypnotherapy for Stammering helps?

Hypnosis for Stuttering is a way forward.

It is quite surprising to know that people do not stutter while in hypnosis. Hypnotherapy begins with hypnoanalysis, finding out the cause of the stuttering event or emotion or both. Hypnotherapeutic strategies eliminate the emotions relating to difficulty in speaking by accessing of subliminal powers and teaching how to speak fluently. This can improve and eliminate speech difficulty permanently.