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Stammering is speech difficulty in which the flow and timing of the speech are disrupted. It is quite tormenting to see a child trying to speak but is able to utter only a word after an extreme effort while it is equally surprising to meet adults in their thirties or forties who have the same problem as the little child.

About 2-5% people in the world suffer with this problem. This has been a visible disorder that usually is found in children, but adults have it too. So far our understanding about stammering is that it’s a genetic problem and that it is a neurological source of issue. The learning is still under constant review while the ones having it struggle to find a cure. It causes a discomfort in pronouncing some of the factors of the speech. You might find yourself repeating some syllables in order to finish speaking a single word out loud.

There are many appearances of stammering and that you can quite easily differentiate them amongst people. The variation can be in the frequency of stammering, the pauses between two stammer attacks that occur to someone. The stammering leads to a person developing habits of stressing over words and sounds where the difficulty is the highest. This not only makes it worse but also leads to a permanent damage on an individual’s skill of speech.  The biological reason for this to happen is when there is a loop or a gap in the coordination of brain and the tongue.  The effects can be unpredictable depending on the problems someone faces.

The difference between children who suffer from stammering and the adults who suffer from stammering is that children’s speech system is still developing and can be cured, but the adults stammering is after their complete control over the speech has developed. This makes it difficult to find the cause of stammering and hence the extension in curing it as well.

Few of its types are:

  • Involuntary repetitions of words or phrases
  • Excessive repetitions of sounds and syllables
  • Pause or blockages in the speech
  • Tightening of facial muscles
  • Rapid eye blinking

How does Hypnotherapy help cease stuttering OR Stammering?

Stuttering is not a problem in itself unless it’s an anatomical limitation. In most cases, there is an emotional trigger to the stuttering.

In hypnoanalysis, we focus on finding out the cause of the stuttering event or emotion or both. With Hypnotherapeutic strategies, we eliminate the emotions relating to the difficulties in speaking by accessing of subliminal powers and reframing them.

There is a bridge between the conscious state and the subconscious state of an individual. This bridge represents the potential of the person’s possibilities to recalibrate the brain which untangles the knots causing the issue called stammering. Every stammering pattern has a background, a traumatic event, a birth casualty or etc. the Hypnotherapy for stammering is focused on finding what caused it and then overwrite the cure.  The sensory system of the brain or any other organ’s functioning is determined by the subconscious mind. Hence, overwrite is to access that part of subconscious and fill the gaps that are creating the stammering problem.

Your subconscious might not be intending on leaving a problem like your stammering, unattended. The factor that stops it from happening is your conscious state of mind. Since, it is so engrossed in dealing with the stammering every time it happens; it instinctively chooses to react in a way that you have taught it to overtime. Although, stammering isn’t something that vanishes overnight and for that to progress, you will need help. This help is none other than the experts who have mastered the art of diving in your core and provide you the solution you deserve.

If you have a habit that’s out of control and desperate to get it fixed. Arti Tuteja can help you with your issue. She has successfully treated such cases who have gone fluent after few sessions.

Aarti Tuteja with her multiple excellence in the field of hypnotherapy has years of experience in curing numerous problems. The stammering is just another subconscious complication for her and she can ease you into curing it with her grip over the communication in her sessions. In no time you will find speaking without any pauses, stress or breathlessness.

Hypnotherapy helps in Stammering