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Stammering is speech difficulty in which the flow and timing of the speech are disrupted. It is quite tormenting to see a child trying to speak but is able to utter only a word after an extreme effort while it is equally surprising to meet adults in their thirties or forties who have the same problem as the little child.

Few of its types are:

  • Involuntary repetitions of words or phrases
  • Excessive repetitions of sounds and syllables
  • Pause or blockages in the speech
  • Tightening of facial muscles
  • Rapid eye blinking

How does Hypnotherapy help cease stuttering?

Stuttering is not a problem in itself unless it’s an anatomical limitation. In most cases, there is an emotional trigger to the stuttering.

In hypnoanalysis, we focus on finding out the cause of the stuttering event or emotion or both. With Hypnotherapeutic strategies, we eliminate the emotions relating to the difficulties in speaking by accessing of subliminal powers and reframing them.

If you have a habit that’s out of control and desperate to get it fixed. Arti Tuteja can help you with your issue. She has successfully treated such cases who have gone fluent after few sessions.

Hypnotherapy helps in Stammering

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