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Weight Management and Hypnotherapy

The basic premise of weight management according to hypnotherapy is very ordinary.

To put it in simple terms it just tells you to eat when you’re hungry, listen to your body and eat what you crave, stop when you’re full, eat slowly and enjoy every mouthful.

Arti Tuteja Weight management and hypnotherapy

Weight disorders i.e. overweight and underweight situations can be handled on a psychological level. A lot undergoes in our brain that leads to the feeling of insecurity.  Hypnotherapy aims at an all-round change in lifestyle – food, fitness, exercising, relaxation, self-time management.

For many, food becomes a source of short-term happiness or what you may term as ‘sense of security.’ This leads to the weight disorders. Stress eating and unhealthy eating habit are a result of belief in ‘feeling’ of security imparted by ‘food.’ It is a false sense of security and in other words a mirage. You eat and you think you will feel happy, but you end up feeling lousy even more than earlier. Eating disorders are modern-day epidemics.

So, when you close your eyes, imagine your food cravings floating away. Imagine a day of eating only what’s good for you. Imagine hypnosis actually helping you lose weight and the rest is the task of your therapist. Weight management and hypnotherapy are directly related to a holistic well-being, health and happiness.

Hypnotherapy tries to alter your subconscious and tries to convince it to opt for healthier options. Modify your highest-calorie craving. For example, it aims at modifying your cravings, instead of having a pint of ice cream, how about a cup of frozen yogurt?

Another important aspect of losing weight is the exercise is just as important as diet. Sometimes mental blocks can stop us wanting to exercise. Hypnotherapy can help you break down those mental blocks stopping you from making the most of your body.

Hypnotherapy gives the person the courage to see the real and remove the shadows of self-doubt. It helps you envision the body you want or the level of fitness/health you wish to achieve. It imparts you with the imagination of how you will feel with your new look and health. The content feeling you will get when you are reaching that goal effortlessly. Tracking your everyday improvements and compare how much you will have improved from today.

It aims at feeling how energised and confident you will feel if you achieve your targets. A new you, who knows that the more you exercise, the more you will want to exercise and the easier it will become to do so. The important task is to exercise to control your eating habits, whenever you get the urge to eat something unhealthy, or eat when you’re not hungry, imagine not reaching your goal and think about how that will make you feel.

Hence, by modifying those deep feelings forming the foundations of your eating habits, you can learn to adopt a healthier lifestyle and enjoy doing so.

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