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Weight Loss Myths

Weight is becoming a big issue for many in recent times, not because of the looks but also for health. People try various methods to lose weight and have also come up with their own statements or opinions that may fit them right, but we don’t need to follow that. There are many myths related to weight loss, some of them are mentioned below:

Arti Tuteja weight loss myths

Skipping a meal will help lose weight.

This is one of the most common myths amongst youngsters. Skipping meals lead to reducing the body’s metabolism, which means you would tend to eat more at the next meal. The best way to lose weight is eating at regular intervals but keeping the portions very small.

Exercise is not necessary to lose weight

Many people have the misconception that dieting alone will help them lose weight but that is not true. Exercising helps reduce weight faster by helping you increase your metabolism and overall health.

Carbohydrates are bad

There are good carbohydrates and bad carbohydrates, you should be sure that you are having a good portion of the good carbohydrates as intake of the others would eventually not benefit you in the long run. Consume more of pulses and grains as they are rich in the good carbohydrates and would give you enough energy to perform your regular tasks well.

Low fats = Low Calories

This need not be true. Every food that says low fat need not have low calories, so the next time you pick up something to eat check for the calories as well.

Eating just before sleeping makes you gain weight

Eating early or late doesn’t really make much of a difference. What matters is how much you eat and what you eat. The body has the capacity of storing the extra food we eat, so it is better to eat only how much is needed by the body.

High-protein is a healthy diet

High proteins may mean high levels of fats and cholesterol which will in-turn make you feel nauseated, tired and weak. Take a lesser intake of proteins as these are necessary but avoid too much of it.

Genetic Weight

Let’s get this fact right. There is no gene called the fat gene. The problem is the lifestyle followed by your family that is causing weight issues for you. It’s time for you to implement a more healthy lifestyle and diet before it is too late. Too much weight could lead to diabetics and blood pressure problems.

No to fried, Yes to baked

Every baked item need not be healthy. Yes, baked items have less oil compared to fried, but the ingredients of the baked items should also be considered while deciding to eat it. Avoid sodium and refined flour if you want to lose weight.

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