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Tips for Self-Hypnosis

What is Self Hypnosis?

It is a natural state of mind which is attained by concentrating on something which you direct your mind towards. This helps you change your thinking, avoid bad habits and regain control of yourself. It helps to distress and relax and is similar to Meditation. To understand how to go about with Self Hypnosis we have listed down some steps that you could follow.

Preparing for Hypnosis

tips for self-hypnosis

  • Comfortable clothing- It is important to remain free if you want to relax. Proper Blood circulation is very important during hypnosis. Make sure the temperature is perfect that you can relax. It shouldn’t be too hot or too cold.
  • Silence Please- Find a place that is quiet without any disturbances. And find a place that has a comfortable environment.
  • NO devices- Keep your phone aside. Say no to laptop and tv. Keep yourself free from disturbances.

Entering Hypnosis

  • Close your eyes – sit back and keep your eyes closed. Visualize something that is pleasing or try to free yourself from any other thoughts.
  • Recognize the Problem- try to think and visualize what is the problem your facing and why is it a problem. Can you do anything to solve it?
  • Take slow, deep Breaths – breath in and breath out. Inhale positivity and exhale negativity.
  • Imagination power- now that you have performed the tasks, its time you imagine that you are free. Imagine being at the top. Imagine being in a peaceful place. e.g, a cool stream.
  • Water- take a bucket of hot water, adjust temp accordingly and put your feet in it. Feel the feeling of floating, it makes one feel light, reduces any pain in the feet and also helps receives stress.
  • Take time before opening your eyes- Imagine yourself opening your eyes to a bright light or a beautiful world and then slowly open your eyes.


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