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Ten steps to manage your weight with Hypnotherapy

Is being overweight really a problem? Well, the answer to this question depends on you. Are you ready to deal with the diseases that might crop up due to obesity? Does being obese affect your self-confidence? If the answer is positive then it is time for you to do something about it.

There are many people who say losing weight gets tough due to lack of determination and control. Dieting is not the solution to losing weight, rather some people put on extra kg by skipping meals. The right amount of food intake at the right time is the key to losing weight.

Hypnotherapy helps you prepare yourself mentally for the process. Here is how it is done:

Arti tuteja ten steps to manage your weight with hypnotherapy

  • Find the balance:
    The right amount of food intake at the right time is the key to losing weight. Obviously, healthy food is what I mean here. Cravings that crop up at times need not be avoided but keep that to only one day.
  • Believe in yourself:

Think that you can lose weight and you should be determined towards it. Confidence in yourself that you will achieve a set target at a particular time is what is needed. When you achieve small targets you will be then able and determined to practice the same in the long run.

  • One Liner:
    Come up with a one liner that is positive or assertive that would remind you that you should overeat or that you need to eat Healthy. The sentence should be something that would remind you of your goal.
  • Imagine:
    Twice a day remind yourself of what you want to achieve, how you want to look, imagine living a healthy life without having to see the doctor now and then. This helps to motivate oneself.
  • Hypnosis and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT):
    A combination of these two plays a very important and effective role in achieving weight Goals. This helps to revamp Unproductive and negative thoughts that would put you off your goal.
  • Substitute:
    Find a substitute for the food you crave for. Make sure the substitute is less in calories, you do not want to gain weight instead of loosing. Do you? Want to have an ice-cream, how about a frozen yogurt.
  • Understand Your body:
    It is important to understand what your body is like. If you are a person with a sweet tooth then you may have to substitute sweets for may be a fruit. Exercise is a must for the ones who cannot control their diet.
  • Practice and perfection:
    The way one day of gym doesn’t show any results, the same way one hypnotherapy session won’t be effective. You need to repeat it at least 10 times for it to be effective.
  • Results time:
    With regular sessions and application of the same in your life you would now be able to see the actual outcome. You can now practice the same all by yourself. Remember Eat Healthy Stay Healthy.

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