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Six reasons why Emotional Intelligence is valuable in workplace

We no longer live in an era, where people can grow without strong communication or support. People who are able to understand and get along with others will become ever more sought after. High Emotional Intelligence lets people develop and grow successfully. But many are unaware that emotional intelligence is an important job skill.

Emotional intelligence will be one of the top 10 job skills in 2020, according to the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report.

In a recent Career Builder Survey of more than 2,600 hiring managers and human resource professionals, 71% stated they valued emotional intelligence in an employee over IQ; 75% said they were more likely to promote a highly emotionally intelligent worker; and 59% claimed they’d pass up a candidate with a high IQ but low emotional intelligence.

Arti Tuteja six reasons why emotional intelligence is valuable in workplave

Here, we give you the top reasons why highly emotionally intelligence is valuable.

1. You will cooperate with others:

If you are less defensive and open to feedback, then you can count yourself a developed emotionally intelligent candidate.
As teamwork becomes increasingly important in the workplace, highly emotionally intelligent people have well-developed people skills that let them build relationships with a diverse range of people across many cultures and backgrounds. That’s an asset in an increasingly globalized workplace.

2. Boost your value by handling pressure suitably:

Considering the current level of work-related stress, the demand for an ability to manage our emotions is high. With higher levels of emotional intelligence, you can be more aware of the internal thermometer, therefore be able to manage your stress levels. Better-developed coping mechanisms and healthy support systems keep working effectively even in tough situations. boost the value of those who can manage it.

3. Are you a good listener?

The ability to listen well and respond to others is crucial for developing strong working relationships. Highly emotionally intelligent people are in a better position to put their own emotions and desires aside and take others into account because of their ability to understand others.

4. You will be more open to feedback:

Rather than taking feedback personally, People with highly developed emotional intelligence are less defensive and more open to feedback. Open, timely, and honest feedback is essential to job performance, especially when it involves areas of improvement.

5. Are you empathetic?

People with high emotional intelligence are able to use their sensitivity to where others are coming from to build trust and cohesiveness. This allows teams to focus on the task at hand rather than become embroiled in internal bickering and politics.

6. You can set example for others:

Emotional intelligence is a key to influencing people in an organization regardless of official title, because these people don’t get easily flustered when things don’t go according to plan. High EQ will give you an ability to rise above daily irritations earn the respect from those above you as well as from your colleagues.

People who show an enhanced ability to adapt to change, manage their emotions, and work well with a diverse range of people are already valuable in most workplaces.

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