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Mindfulness and Anxiety

With the growing pace of life, there has been a substantial increase in the cases of blood-pressure, diabetes etc. which are primarily the result of stress, anxiety and nervousness. Learning and inculcating the stress relieving techniques has become crucial for people of every age group nowadays. Yoga and meditation have proved their worth over the years with more and more people vouching for its health benefits.

Arti tuteja mindfulness and anxiety

Let’s see how you could reduce your anxiety levels by implementing some small changes without putting in many efforts.

Living in the present:

We’ve had our share of turmoil’s in the past. Remember not to dwell on your past. Let the bygones remain bygones. Understand that over-thinking won’t do you any good. Living in the present makes you aware of the issues which require your attention now. Tackling the present proves beneficial in the future.

Watch what you think:

Our actions are a reflection of our thoughts. Negative thoughts only cause stress. Try your best to keep revengeful, spiteful, envious thoughts at bay. The situation may not be perfect every time, but you have to keep a watch on your incoming thoughts. Positive thoughts generate positive vibes which are helpful in tackling any given situation.

Your living environment:

Believe it or not, the environment you live in is instrumental in determining your thoughts and actions. This is why much stress is given on maintaining good company, keeping your house clutter free, having good thoughts in mind etc. Your thoughts get reflected in these, showing what kind of a person you are.

Understanding what’s causing anxiety:

There are only a couple of core problems that result in anxiety. Firstly, sit down and make a list of all the problem areas. Remember, all problems have solutions. Some get solved within no time while some take years to settle down. Try branching out these core problems with probable solutions and steps you could initiate from your side to help reduce stress and anxiety levels.

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