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Hypnotherapy, it starts with your mind

Hypnotherapy helps you broaden your awareness of yourself, realizing your personal strengths, building self-worth, discovering how you think, what you think and why.

The one reason, Hypnotherapy can help you deal with weight management, in quitting smoke, handling stress and anxiety, because everything starts in your mind. The mind drives the body, the mind often determines what the body feels.

So it is important the mind is in alignment with what we are doing and what we want to accomplish in life.

Nicola Phelan, 28, who has suffered from the hair loss condition since she was five. The mother-of-two weighed 13st7lbs, and she would not let her friends and family ever see her without her wig.

She even traded in her job and partner. She says, ‘I have always been someone who has accepted I have alopecia, but I was not someone who would just take my wig off and show people.”

Arti Tuteja Hypnotherapy it starts in the mind

But after losing three stone as a result of the Hypnotherapy, she felt confident enough to take off her wig.

‘I was very nervous about it – even if I was sat inside at home if I didn’t have my wig on I would have to have all the curtains closed.
But now I’ll get up and I won’t wear my wig, I’m not bothered – it’s not an issue at all.’

Unexpectedly, the hypnotherapy also gave Nicola the confidence to find a new job, leave her partner of seven years and begin venturing outside without her wig.

She further added, “I am a totally different person now – I am happy and confident in myself. Hypnotherapy has changed my life so much.

Hypnotherapy sessions can be a turning point in your life, only if you want to.

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