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How to talk to children so that they listen?

The right kind of parenting does not always require being strict about everything, it is sometimes also about setting priorities straight. It is in between the age of 2-11 years that children learn about the way they have to present themselves and their behavior in front of others. Parents, on the other hand, need to inculcate habits within themselves on how to talk to their children so that they listen.

Arti Tuteja How to talk to children so that they listen

Here are a few ways on how to understand this pattern more effectively.

  1. Listening with full attention rather than just a part:

It’s always the parents that children rely on to share their part of the problems or achievements. As a parent, it is necessary to pay attention and help the child sort out if he is facing something that is disturbing him or even encourages his achievements when required.

  1. Speaking in the right way

Parents need to remember that the child will reply in the same way he has been spoken to. It is necessary to use the words please, thank you, may I, and be polite even by parents whenever necessary.

  1. Do not repeat or compare

When children are screamed at, they either go into a shell or become rebellious. It is often also seen that children do not listen if they are being told the same thing repeatedly. Even comparing them to other children of their age can affect negatively and bring down their self-esteem.

  1. Talking the child down

When the child says something loudly in a harsh tone, the parent(s)should talk in a calm and composed tone so that the child realizes that he is talking to an adult. Involving sentences like “may I help” or “I understand” when he is talking may only make him realize it’s better to talk rather than scream.

  1. Give choices

This helps the child to decide things in a better way and makes him think. For example “what will you do first? Eat or take a bath”. These are just some ways in which children can learn to listen and respond effectively to their parents.

However, sometimes it is not important to respond or talk, listening to the child also matters. One should always remember that the way the child is talked to at home enables him to reflect it in his character outside the home as well.

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