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Helping children using Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is considered as an altered state of consciousness where the mind is said to be calm and more open towards the things said during these sessions.

Children are considered to be the best clients when it comes to hypnosis. They are open to willingly participate in such activities and engage in the visualization activity. Even otherwise, naturally, children are considered to be in a state of hypnosis when they place imaginary self-invented games. Hypnosis for children is as natural as those games of theirs which enable them to respond well to hypnosis.

It is usually from the age of 5-7 years that children keep slipping into their sub-conscious minds especially while they are playing. They tend to very easily absorb things around them and while the process of hypnosis is taking place, they don’t question the process. However, it is important that when they are going to undergo this process, they should be willing and calm.

Also, children have a very strong sense of imagination which makes it possible for hypnosis to take place effectively. Some of the problems hypnosis can help children deal with are: academics, fussy eating, nail biting, problem with peers, dealing with pain, low confidence, inability to sleep due to nightmares and even wetting the bed.

These are just some of the common problems and therapists say that most of these require just one or two sessions to get rid of the issue. The process of hypnosis revolves around making them sit on a chair in a room with dim light. Then the child is put into a state of hypnosis by being asked to imagine a happy memory or a place he would have been to which he liked.

Slowly, the child is addressed the issue he is suffering from and given insights about his strengths and how easily it can be dealt with. After the session, the child is asked how it felt and what the experience was like.

Children are more receptive to hypnosis than adults. It is considered to be a very positive and empowering experience. Parents should keep in mind to choose such a hypnotherapist who is comfortable and skilled in dealing with children and at same time, the children should also feel comfortable with him.

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