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Five tips to control anxiety

With ever-increasing hectic lives, the pressures of work and parenthood, the stress levels are growing higher than ever.

And woman’s, who struggle with anxiety twice as likely as men, are the common victims of stress. High-anxiety levels can be exhausting, filling the person with dread, worry, and fear, which can easily damage relationships, friendships, and careers.

It has also been proved that women are more prone to attacks of anxiety. So, for all the woman out there, here we bring you five top tips to control the anxiety level by yourself.

Arti Tuteja five tips to control anxiety

Minimize your Social media use:

Social media, apart from bringing you closer to friends, can also do every bit of piece to increase your stress level. With bad news or stories trending on social media, the world will seem nothing less than a terrible place to you. Anxiety will always find something to focus on and then start filling your mind with worst case scenarios.

Cutting down the amount of time you spend on social media could help. Instead of contacting your friends on social media, get out of your house and meet them directly, and have a great time.

Start walking when Anxiety attacks:

When anxiety attacks, it brings along the physical symptoms too. Your breathing gets quicker, your heart beats faster and you get hotter as if you are about to exercise. So respond to that signal by getting out and doing something active. A ten-minute daily walk will start to help you feel better.

When you walk, instead of staring at the floor and feeling bad, make a point of keeping your head up, walk tall and look up.

Breathing technique:

You can definitely go for the tried and tested breathing technique to get over stress. Just breathe slowly – in and out. Then get your brain to start thinking more clearly and calm your anxiety.

Shift your focus:

Anxiety leads you to think about everything that can hardly take place in reality. Start diluting those thoughts by challenging them. By recognizing that the worst case is not the only possible thing that could happen, you start to dilute the hold of anxiety.

Find some alone time:

Start finding some time to cool your brain down and give it some space. Anxiety is like having a totally stressed out brain that leaves you struggling to think clearly. Find twenty minutes every day to de-stress your mind. Using meditation, mindfulness or relaxing music can help.

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