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Disregarding the culture of lollypop kids

Every mother can relate to me on this. Traveling with toddlers or tantrum-prone kids is at times beyond the bounds of possibility. It leaves you restless, frustrated and helpless. However, many times, we tend to escape the situation by giving them, gadgets – mobile, iPad, games – so that we can have our time.

Even if you search online ‘How to travel with toddler effectively’ the search results will also tell you to carry ‘tablet or smartphone’ to keep your kids engaged. Though such methods will give you a decent traveling time, we are indirectly pushing them to believe that gadgets are the only source of having fun. We are actually discouraging our children for face to face, interpersonal communication.

Arti Tuteja Disregarding the culture if lollipop kids

Enjoying a personal space is important, but not at the cost of ruining their childhood and making them lollypop kids. Lollypop kids are those who don’t talk to other people, don’t communicate with parents. They keep themselves busy with something really uninteresting.

When you see such signs in your children’s, it is the time to realize that you lead them in these situations. Many times we try to engage kids in something that will get them off us. The idea is to have your own time, to finish the pending work or enjoy a peaceful slumber. But, this is not setting the right example. Engaging kids in a conversation, joyful learning experience, and there are various ways parents can do that.

Children generally come up with many questions on a daily basis, as parents, we need to answer and clear their doubts rather than allowing them to look for it online by self. You can engage yourself in searching such answers. It is possible that if they go solo searching online, they will be attacked by unwanted information.

Instead, just try to make time for your kid’s and answer their questions, or make time to have a face to face conversation. Instead of handing them gadgets, help them to know the mysteries of a beautiful book. The personal conversation goes a long way in building up a rapport with your child now and it can help in future.

Arti Tuteja Disregarding the culture of lollipop kids

There are many ways traveling can be made interesting. You can engage them in activities like coloring, talking about the place you are visiting or how an airplane works, or about atmosphere up there! Build the positive anticipation for the journey when you pack for the flight, be sure to include both old and new toys for the trip.

You can also encourage your kids to keep a “travel journal” for your older kids. Considering, you’ll have plenty of time on a plane, you can also try to create a good conversation with them and share your previous travel experiences.

Your smartphone has already replaced your camera, watch, and calendar; don’t let it replace your family.

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