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Cope up with Stress during Pandemic


Infectious disease outbreak, Coronavirus (COVID-19) created a brand-new crisis with a good deal of uncertainty regarding the character of the illness, its spread, and its impact. This virus originated from Wuhan, China but now has affected the entire world. WHO has announced this as a Global Pandemic and brought the whole world to halt indefinitely. This can intelligibly, affect individual’s emotional and mental state wellbeing- even among people who haven’t been directly exposed to the illness.

Reactions to a crisis will seem terribly totally different from person to person and can occur at any time. Now that lockdowns have been announced world-wide to prevent the spread, we’re all forced to stay away from our daily routines and be at home all the time.
Routine is what keeps us going. Routine keeps us busy. While some might enjoy this break as an opportunity to connect with their families or develop a hobby, some people break down without a routine. Having a lot of idle time might get them Overthinking and Trigger Anxiety due to a past or current Mental trauma.

So, what do we do? How do we take care of our mental health during such scary times?

Please contemplate the subsequent recommendations for promoting your mental wellbeing throughout this point.

1. Limit Media Exposure.
Shut your TV and/or alert electronic communication on your phone if it’s increasing your distress. Exposure to media are often healthy or unhealthy, for a few people knowing helps to feel a way of management over true whereas for others it’s going to reinforce anxiety and worry. Research has shown that excess media exposure to coverage of disagreeable events may end up in negative outcomes. Dedicate a fix time and don’t watch/read news more than this time. Rely only on trustworthy resources to collect the data you wish then flip it off if it’s inflicting stress.

2. Use trustworthy resources to remain up on.
Acquire the most recent info throughout associate degree infectious disease occurrence from credible and reliable sources of knowledge. Up-to-date, accurate recommendations relating to illness bar, self and family care, and travel steering are often found at the subsequent websites:

  • Centre for illness management.
  • North-western University Coronavirus-COVID nineteen website.
  • World Health Organization.
  • Health Ministry and other Government Media handles.

3. Anticipate stress reactions.
Emotional distress is common and traditional within the context of uncertainty and doubtless serious things, like Covid-19 pandemic. Understand that stressing and panicking a bit is normal in such situations and we’re all in this together.

4. Acknowledge the signs of distress.
Stress can occur in numerous physical, emotional, or psychological ways.

Excessive worry, Sleeping Issues, Ruminating, Hypervigilance, Increased alcohol, tobacco, or drug use, Irritability with emotional outbursts, Desperate to be alone, crying oftentimes, Inability to feel pleasure, feeling detached or numb, changes in energy are major signs that you might be under Stress.

Feelings like unhappiness, guilt, anger, fear, and excessive anxiety are also results of stress.

5. Tackle Stress

The ability to manage stress is something that we all should possess not just during the Pandemic but even after this. In this highly competitive and fast paced world stress management becomes a must. You can watch my YouTube video on Stress Management by clicking the link below.

Below are some ways you can use to cope up with Stress. Also understand that everyone is different and what works for you might not work for others.

  • Develop a Daily Routine at Home. Make sure you do your work in time and stay motivated.
  • Watch out for your body. Attempt to eat healthy, well-balanced meals and avoid alcohol and medicines. Having self-control has a very positive impact on your mind and body.
  • Schedule positive activities like Exercising, listening to music, dancing, painting or develop a new hobby.
  • Take time to find Balance through prayer, meditation, yoga, serving to others or just standing in your balcony to see the sun set.
  • Connect with you friends and families to check on their health. Video call your close ones to exchange some light moments together.
  • Get enough sleep.

HOW TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR MENTAL STATE DURING COVID-19 PANDEMIC? If you still feel stressed and seek professional help, you can opt for Online consultation with me from any part of the world.

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