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Celebrities who used Hypnotherapy for Addictions

Addictions are obsessive and uncontrollable activity, behavior or substance which can come in different shapes and sizes. From smoking to binge eating, to shopping to nail biting. Some people realize that they are addicted but do nothing even after knowing the circumstances. And then there are some, who act and take the step to overcome the addiction.

Imogen Thomas, the former Big Brother contestant, was going through cake addiction, where she could not control her cravings for Cake. Imogen chose hypnotherapy to tackle the addiction and also made it public through twitter announcement.

ARti Tuteja celebrities who used hypnotherapy for addcitions

Another celebrity, Ray Singh, who is a Hollywood actor and also appeared in the US medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, was told to stop smoking addiction if he wanted to make it as an actor. Ray also, took the help of hypnotherapy techniques to overcome the addiction of nicotine.

Ray said, “Between filming in Los Angeles, I would often go out to law and medical schools, I prepared them for interviews, helped them express themselves, that kind of thing.”

He further mentioned, “Then part of me started enjoying that more than being on set, just waiting to deliver lines.”

After understanding the satisfaction of helping people to overcome their fear, addiction, habits, Ray himself is an hypnotherapist, in Newham.

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