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Welcome to the world of holistic hypnosis and coaching for transformational
healing with Renowned Hypnotherapist and lifestyle consultantArati Tuteja.

Free 15-minute Consultation Dubai

During our 15-minute Zoom session, we will talk about what it is you’d like to change and you can ask me any questions about the way I work and what to expect from a hypnotherapy session.

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Online Hypnotherapy Sessions Dubai

The internet enables me to work with clients around the world from the comfort of their own home. Hypnotherapy sessions online are safe and effective. Book an online Hypnotherapy session with me using Zoom.

Make That Change

 If you’re not where you want to be in your career or for that matter in your life, never let yourself believe change is impossible. Don’t allow your limiting beliefs and negative thinking pattern to control your life. The future is yours to write, don’t let your subconscious keep you from living your dreams. The goal of Potential Unlimited Training Dubai is to guide, train and transform; so, you can make that change!

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  • Corporate Training
  • Parental Workshops
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Modern Hypnotherapy involves helping a client understand how their own mind works and how to access their own inner wisdom, intuition, and creativity. It’s about helping people uncover their own solutions by reprogramming their mindset. Find what you need help with and discover how to create and maintain positive change.

Best hypnosis Centre in Dubai

Hypnotherapy supports you in a beneficial way and can enhance your work skills. It gives you access to tools you may think you are without. Want to increase confidence? Reduce anger? lessen fatigue or say goodbye to stress. With hypnosis, you can discover how to sustain a quality work life and keep up with your daily productivity.

Best hypnosis Centre in Dubai

Children’s and their family deal with a range of issues such as trauma, tantrums, aggression, bedwetting, nightmares, health issues, shuttering and much more can benefit from hypnosis Arti’s Parental workshops apart from Children’s hypnosis. The workshop covers effective methodologies taught to parents about various ways to deal with issues pertaining to their kids and build their emotional resilience in a positive way.

Children Hypnosis Unlocks the true love in a parent child relationship

Potential Unlimited has curated certified courses that can be taken up by passionate individuals to get started on their career path or a practicing hypnotherapist to take their skills to a next level. Our offering with the trans-formative tools is the leading reason why OMNI training is first choice among professional therapists

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Free Fitness Training for your Immunity System

Know all about OMNI

No matter where in the world you take part in an OMNI training, you get the same learning contents of highest quality. Led by the best hypnotherapist in Dubai – Arati Tuteja (your OMNI instructor, EQ and NLP Trainer) have customer centric training programmes exclusive for Indian and International audiences. This training can be taken by anyone who is in lookout for self development, alternate career to professional therapist who wants to take their skills to a whole new level.

Arti tuteja, Best Hypnotist in Dubai

What people say about Hypnotherapist Arati Tuteja

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Hypnotherapy Testimonials

Well they say sub conscious

Well they say sub conscious mind is the program that runs us!! And truly reprogramming it is the best gift that one could give to themselves! I am glad that I took up this decision and Arti mam was the perfect fit to help me in this regard. I am grateful to her for her guidance and help. I have freed myself from all the dominations and uncomfortable energy and now living my life to the fullest!!

October 15, 2021

I’ve struggled with anxiety all

I’ve struggled with anxiety all my life and recently I got claustrophobic which made the simplest of tasks a struggle. I came across Potential Unlimited and decided to give it a try because I wanted to avoid medications and I’m glad I did; not only did I find the cause for my claustrophobia but Arati helped put a lot of things into perspective that helped control my anxiety. It’s been a great help.

Sridevi R.
February 20, 2022

My children before applying the sleep talk method were insecure and seeking for attention during the day.

I’ve attended Arti’s workshop for sleep talk in May, to learn more on the technique and how to help my kids at home. Arti explained in detail the material and made sure we understood the concepts introduced in the workshop.
My children before applying the sleep talk method were insecure and seeking for attention during the day. After applying the sleep talk method for 2 weeks the results were evident in our everyday lives. Now they are more calm and easy to interact with allowing us to spend more quality time with them. They are more happy and relaxed when we are all together. I have recommended Arti to my friends with great results, as her extensive experience in her area of expertise helped many people overcome their daily struggles and limitations.

Natalia M.
February 24, 2022

After nearly 30 years of

After nearly 30 years of facing zoophobia (phobia from animals), Arati helped me overcome it with only 2 sessions. The issue resolved a major obstacle in my life and allowed me to live more freely. Arati is highly experienced in her job and I strongly recommend her to anyone who wants to overcome major obstacles in their lives.

Dubai UAE
April 2, 2022

I met Arati to work

I met Arati to work on my two most pressing personal goals: i) inner happiness ii) high performance.
Being involved in a hyper-growth, technology and design based business, I need to be ahead of the curve, deliver to my fullest potential, yet keep my stress under control and experience true inner peace and happiness. Arati is able to diagnose the issue, understand the individual and tailor the sessions to then deliver maximum output in the shortest possible time. Her diagnosis, prognosis and treatment is so focussed, that it works wonders on delivering desired results. She uses a combination of coaching and hypnosis, working at a sub-conscious level, hence the changes one experiences are permanent. Her intervention has helped me develop clarity, momentum, productivity, influence, courage and happiness thereby helping me achieve my greater goals! Arati is a master of her subject and is an asset for anyone looking to explore their true and full potential.

Siddaarth Mutha ( Dubai )
Technology & Design Entrepreneur
April 6, 2022

U r professional,cooperative and I

Arati is professional, cooperative and I felt at ease while doing the cessions with you,it was a good experience.i advice everyone to do it .it was easy to trust you,it’s worth it.
Thank you

Ousama khayat
House wife (Dubai)
April 15, 2022

The Hypnotherapy training course was

The Hypnotherapy training course was enlightening. It was well structured and also fun. The topics covered and tools offered were certainly empowering. I would definitely recommend Arthi as a coach.

Sara Barrow
Marketing Manager Dubai
June 22, 2022

The training program was amazing.

The training program was amazing. The content is full of information and interesting.
The more I learn the more I get intrested in the hypnosis feild.
The trainer, Arati Tuteja is knowledgeable as well as professional.

Basma Hamed Alharthy
Hypnotherapy Consultant Dubai
October 14, 2022

I am really impressed

I am really impressed how you have met my expectations in achieving my goal as a Hypnotherapist, Arati, you have been a true inspiration with your experience and your style of training was very positive your voice will always resonate. Thank you, blessed to have a wonderful teacher like you.

Nikeeta Rajan
December 16, 2022

Miss Arti is a bliss

Miss Arti is a bliss in disguise. She has helped me get the best of me.
Recently she has taught me tapping therapy which has helped me heal, and deal with things that life has thrown at me.
M glad I could learn a trick to deal with thoughts and emotions

Joslita Dsouza
Sales coordinator
December 16, 2022

I had Hypnotherapy sessions with

I had Hypnotherapy sessions with Arati Tuteja and they have been life-changing! Her deep level of knowledge, wisdom and expert tools when it comes to Hypnotherapy and NLP were incredible. She helped me heal in ways I never knew were possible and started to see major differences in myself and my healing really quickly. She provided lifelong tools to help me continue my growth and healing journey and takes the time to explain everything really well. I couldn’t have asked for a better therapist as I was extremely nervous beforehand, but Arati welcomed me with such ease, compassion and grace. Highly recommend her to anyone looking to heal and make a positive change in their lives!

Yasmen Ahmed
Writer & Cognitive Behavioural Therapist
February 6, 2023