Stress is generally a misunderstood topic. Stress is a natural response to any perceived danger, however when this feeling remains constant, the human body does not know how to stop stress response.

It is this stress response that is more damaging than the stressor itself!

Stress, or burnout, can happen when we are in a chronic state of anxiety, which can take a vital toll on our body. Our bodies weren’t designed to be in a stressed state over prolonged periods! Stress is created by your thoughts and anticipation of what your mind believes will happen next.

Stress levels are on the rise,’ concurs Dr. Klaus T. Kallmayer, chairman of Dubai Healthcare City’s German Heart Centre. This does not only apply to Dubai but is a general phenomenon worldwide. However, it is amplified here, due to the city’s rapid growth.

Dubai’s mushrooming growth is quite clearly also its number one lure. Its exceptional benefits attract a predominantly expat community – another reason for the city’s generally frazzled state. Living away from your own country is stressful, even if you have moved for positive reasons,’ describes Professor Josef. ‘While living and working with people from various backgrounds can be stimulating, communication problems, differences in attitude and reaction to mistakes are all dealt with in different ways, often leading to irritation and frustration on all sides. The inner causes are more important as stress is generated while the feeling of lack of available resources like time, money, attention, love, close relationship, opportunities and justice and expectations.

How does Hypnotherapy help in Stress Relief?

Hypnotherapy is the art of letting out emotions and feelings that are troubling you. It is a trance or deeply relaxed but a focused state. Not only will hypnosis help you relieve stress at any given moment, it can also help you discharge or, at least, reduce the problems that are causing you stress, the root problem. With Hypnotherapy sessions, you learn to remain relaxed and also change your perception regarding what’s causing the stress in the first place.

Looking for Stress Management in Dubai? Arti Tuteja can help you with hypnotherapy in changing irrational self-inflicted beliefs to logical ones. Learn to feel free from stress, react differently in circumstances, and make emphatic changes and choices to create the life you really want.

Sometimes we feel we have no choices and are trapped in an endless cycle. But you can take control now – and achieve calmness, clarity, courage and motivation.