Many people experience sexual difficulties at some point during their life, find it difficult to acknowledge them, and can be slow to seek help.

Sexual difficulties are generally problems that prevent the individual or couple from enjoying sex, and make sex difficult. The most common sexual problems for men are erectile impotence and premature ejaculation, and for women, failure to reach orgasm.

There are ample of problems related to sex – sexual dissatisfaction, premature ejaculation, impotency, Inhibited Sexual Desire and many more. It is time to seek help when it starts spilling over a relationship, self-esteem, and self-confidence or vice versa. Lack of communication, misunderstandings between the partners, tiffs, insecurities and overblown emotions, performance anxiety can drain off the sexual charm and intimacy too.

It is absolutely wise to consult a medical practitioner specializing in a sexual functional problem to rule out any physical problem with sexual functionality.

A candid consultation and therapy with Arti Tuteja, a Hypnotherapist, and NLP coach, can bring in the desired change.

How does Hypnotherapy help for Sexual Problems?

Every thought generates feeling! Changes in the feelings bring real change.

Hypnotherapy always begins with changing what you “think”. Initial talk with client help set up goals; as thinking changes, feelings change too. By getting acquainted with root causes behind these turbulences, Hypnotherapy can modify fears, guilt and perceptions by dwelling into the subconscious mind. It releases the factors triggering the problem, facilitates the transformation of negative emotions and beliefs and reframing perception to attain more compatibility for a blissful relation ahead.

Forgive and Smile !!!