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Self-Hypnosis is possible!

Hypnosis refers to the trance-like state a person goes into in which he loses the power of conscious mind while entering the subconscious. Hypnosis is conducted on people to recover their suppressed thoughts. Contrary to the popular notion, hypnosis is a natural process we all have gone into without realizing.

Arti tuteja Self hypnosis is possible

Reaching a state of trance, doesn’t always require professional assistance. In fact, self-induced hypnosis is very much possible. We do not realize, but we are constantly in and out of hypnosis. There are various ways and means to approach it. Many people use self-hypnosis to deal with everyday problems like boosting confidence, acquiring new skills, besides being a stress and anxiety reliever. Besides, hypnosis also helps in pain management, battling sleep disorders, obesity, asthma, skin conditions etc.

For instance, children use day dreaming for relaxation. Nowadays, with excess stress, tension, and anxiety around us, having a relaxed state of mind is utmost important. It has become the need of the hour to learn self-hypnosis and use it for our personal well-being. We all have problems waiting to be tackled through a different approach. The first step towards self-hypnosis involves 4 distinct stages:-

A strong motivation is needed before beginning hypnosis else, practicing it will get extremely difficult.

Remember that hypnosis is not effective if done hurriedly. You need to dedicate a time to perform it. Your mind and body should be relaxed while you perform and make sure you eliminate all the distractions which might hinder the process.

Developing a high level of concentration is necessary as energy is generated each time your mind focuses on something specific.

This method is used when you want to work on a specific goal. In this, you need to direct all your concentration on visualizing the desired result.

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