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Public Speaking and Stage Fright

Chances are that you have heard it before – More adults fear public speaking than those who fear death and it is most common flight and freeze response among today’s workforce, performance artists, sports personalities and students.  But why are there so many people who fear public speaking? What makes it such a miserable experience for so many?

In short, fear of public speaking resides in the mind. Deep in our subconscious – that huge repository of memories, beliefs – we’ve developed strong opinions of how we feel about public speaking and our confidence in our public speaking abilities. Few of the common causes are – fear of being judged, fear of making mistakes, fear of being laughed at, low self esteem and confidence, etc.

How can hypnotherapy help in public speaking?

The challenge is untangling these thoughts, and filling our minds with new, more helpful information. Root cause elimination, building on what is positive, is a key here.

Hypnotherapy session with Arti Tuteja helps in analysing the factors responsible for such level of fright and creating more appropriate responses when we face it. She helps you in building confidence levels and making you calmer, relaxed and composed. She works with the subconscious mind to find out the root cause triggering the fear and seep new positive ways of thinking and feeling.

With a couple of session, you will be on your way to stand up and express.

Fear of Public Speaking, Removal with Hypnotherapy and Self Confidence Hypnosis

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