Public Speaking

This is one of the most occurring problems among today’s workforce, performance artists, sports personalities and students.

Executives’ failing performance due to inability to speak and sell ideas among a group, or artists’ freezing and not able to play a sound, sports junkies’ divided attention eventually leading to losing of their game, or student’s inability to participate in any stage activity affecting their overall development.

What happens when you have a fear of Public Speaking?

This is what happens to a lot of people when they encounter audiences on stage or are asked to speak in public. Some start sweating to the hilt with pounding heart, wherein some go blank losing complete control over speech and performance. Public speaking and Stage fright is a social fear starting a flight and freeze response, that needs to be addressed sooner.

Issues that may cause fear of Public Speaking are

  • Fear of being judged
  • Fear of being laughed at
  • Low self-esteem and confidence, feelings that I am not good enough
  • Fear of failure or making mistake

Such shortcomings drain down our confidence leading to social withdrawal. It’s high time you overcome these barriers and explore. Get over with such blues and gear up with the aid of Arti Tuteja with Hypnosis for Public Speaking & Stage Fright.

How does Hypnotherapy help in Public Speaking?

Root cause elimination, building on what is positive, is a key

Hypnotherapy sessions can help in analyzing the factors responsible for such level of fright and creating more appropriate responses when we face it. Arti Tuteja helps you in building confidence levels and making you more calm, relaxed and composed. She works with the subconscious mind to find out the root cause triggering the fear and seeps new positive ways of thinking and feeling.

Stand up and express yourself!

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