Don’t judge yourself by what others did to you

This issue has clenched the world to extremes leading to unimaginable hatred. Sexual abuse, especially Sexual child abuse, is frightening, horrifying and brutal.

It brings along shame, guilt, fear, agony, powerlessness, helplessness, dissociation and most important betrayal among its victims. Children and adolescents of all races, cultures, and economic statuses are at equal risk to child sexual abuse.

Betrayal by an adult, especially when that adult is supposed to be protecting and caring for the child, is a devastating experience that enforces suicidal thoughts. Fear has several components: anticipation of pain, an anticipation of disapproval by the perpetrator and worries about threats to other family members. Shame seems to be built into most of the sufferers.

Self-confidence is an element that radiates your persona. Sometimes Self-Confidence alone is a factor that decide the happiness in a person’s life.

In most cases, the victim absorbs the abuser’s shame and guilt. Many survivors feel guilty because “they went back for more”, or didn’t say “No”. The helplessness and powerlessness of a child assaulted by an adult are real, terrifying and breeds lasting consequences.

Childhood sexual abuse is one of the most violating and tragic things that can happen to an individual that often affects them throughout their entire lives.

Victims of abuse are thrown in a world that they never asked for, they may lose trust in friends, family, relationships and even robbing them of their own belief to protect themselves. Putting a brave face can work in the short term, but only in safe environments. It’s never too late to get help.

Sexual child abuse has vast effects on the survivors, like – Nightmares, Flashbacks, Distrust, Sexual hang-ups, Physical ailments, Depression, Guilt, Fear, Anger, Confusion, Self-mutilation, Relationship difficulties, Self-doubt, Voices, Hallucinations, Suicidal thoughts, Addictions, Powerlessness, Helplessness, Negativity.

Arti Tuteja can help you live a free life.

How does Pain Hypnotherapy help in Sexual Abuse Memories?

The client learns to change the feelings attached with memory and not the memory.

Pain Hypnotherapy allows people to run and change traumatic incidents from the past through a dramatic release mission. The basic ingredients for survival in this pressurized situation are release and FORGIVING. Through hypnosis services, Arti can strengthen you at the subconscious level and help you transform impediments from your mind. Hypnotherapy educates your subliminal to LET GO and pep up the curbed confidence level.

The negative hurdles are overthrown and replaced by the showers of fearlessness and forgiveness.

Forgive and Smile !!!

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