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Overcome Eating Disorders with Hypnotherapy

If people are what they eat, what are you? Do you make judgments about people based on what they eat? Then what about people with unusual eating habits? Like eating sandwich with Doritos, popcorn with chopsticks or eating cookies with ketchup.

Meet Alison McGregor, a woman who used to survive on a diet of chips and waffles only. Her usual menu for the day would cover Weetos with no milk for breakfast, Petit’s Filous yogurts for lunch and waffles for dinner.

Arti Tuteja Overcome eating disorders with hypnotherapy

The 23-year-old from Ireland said, “When I was a child you know when adults would say, ‘They’ll eat if they’re hungry? “I never did, so I’d eat yogurts or bananas but that would be it. As I got older I would only have a very basic diet of dry foods, like chips and waffles. Even the thought of trying new foods would make me heave and sometimes I’d go to try things but even the dish in front would make me feel sick.”

When it started affecting her social life, she decided to make a u-turn and bring the change. Allison claims that Hypnotherapy cured her fussy food habits with a 20-minute session. She said, “I’d heard of people using hypnotherapy for smoking and weight loss but I’d never heard of anyone else who was like me. I thought why not? I was mostly hopeful but a bit skeptical.”

Hypnotherapy has changed her life, she has already started enjoying some important firsts – like fruits, birthday cake, and Christmas dinner.

The session was recorded and she listens to it every time she feels going back to the old ways.

With Hypnotherapy, it is possible to get down to the root cause of the habits and change your feeling patterns or gain control over habits in a way that doesn’t require willpower and distress you.

Try Hypnotherapy with Arti Tuteja, who is also a certified Bariatric Hypnotist in Dubai.

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