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Hypnotherapy is stronger than Hurricane

I have been practicing Hypnotherapy for more than a half a decade now but it is still full of surprises. Here’s one thing that I realized last week on my trip to America that it makes us far more resilient than the rest and also optimistic. I was in Florida, USA for a training for the certification of Instructor of OMNI International when the threats of Hurricane Mathew was doing the rounds in our vicinities.

Arti Tuteja Hypnotherapy is stonger than hurricane

While, the usual reaction of any human being would have been to panic and worry. All of us in training seemed far more mentally prepared than the rest. We decided to continue training, lights were off for a day but it was ok. Meanwhile, the hurricane ‘Mathew’ began tropical storm conditions in Florida — with potentially catastrophic hurricane strike and “sandy-like” storm surge for parts of Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. Fortunately, by the time it made landfall in Florida the storm had moved into the sea and we were spared the otherwise mighty right side of the storm.

There were Americans preparing for the storm, storing water, food, fuel and power chargers. It was a very different sort of experience. Despite the difficult conditions, I found that I was surrounded by people who kept calm and who took things in the best way possible. My instructors and fellow trainees never lost their cool rather excited to experience how it feels like being in one the hurricane, at the same time praying for all those who would take the direct hit by it.

Though the storm was yet to land but we continued to do what we had gathered there for and wished for safety for all in its path. Later on, as the storm passed and the skies cleared, many people were already cleaning up, reopening their businesses or hitting the beach. The power came back on. And all life resumed its normal course of events.

I am aware of the power of resilience and how it makes you stronger. But to experience it firsthand in a situation like this was my first as well. The way you face your reality and the way you experience it is created by your mind.

It’s an experience never to be forgotten.

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