Habits and addictions are like writing on the walls.

HABITS are auto-programming whereas ADDICTIONS are obsessive and uncontrollable activity, behavior or substance. A wide range of such addictions is: alcoholism, gambling, smoking, doping, sexual and porn addictions. Very recently been added in the list are the Internet and smartphones addictions.

Gaming can be de-stressing and entertaining if played in limits. The moment it takes over all aspects of life, its time to seek help

When Fears arise out of some faulty perceptions, they bring out irrational responses. Such fears are termed as False Evidence Appearing Real. On the other hand, Phobia is an intense fear of something, in reality posing little or no danger. Most of the fears erupt during childhood. Fears could be either related to an object, animal or event. Like fear of flying, fear of birds, fears of cats, fear of dogs, or spiders.

Children dive into games revelry because they achieve the feeling of power and excitement. Varied skill levels and time limits patterned in games let the adrenaline pumping within them. The control of remote in their hands gives them a false sense of achievements in the virtual world.


  • Override other feelings and emotions
  • Distract you from normal life
  • Cause physical withdrawal symptoms
  • Generate a dependency
  • Become increasingly difficult to control.

So if you wish to quit smoking, stop nail biting, stop overeating, binge eating, Arti Tuteja offers a wide variety of therapies to get rid of the habit.

How does Addictions Hypnotherapy help?

Habits and addictions are easy to alter with Hypnotherapy. Hypnosis For Habits aims to get to the root of the addiction by inducing a state of heightened awareness in the client. In this relaxed and less resistance state, the client becomes more open to suggestions. Arti helps the client gain control over their addictions while providing the support and guidance required in altering ingrained behavioural and emotional patterns. The client learns to adopt new healthy and morally acceptable way of life.

Habits and addiction services