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Gaming can be de-stressing and entertaining if played in limits. The moment it takes over all aspects of life, its time to seek help

When Fears arise out of some faulty perceptions, they bring out irrational responses. Such fears are termed as False Evidence Appearing Real. On the other hand, Phobia is an intense fear of something, in reality posing little or no danger. Most of the fears erupt during childhood. Fears could be either related to an object, animal or event. Like fear of flying, fear of birds, fears of cats, fear of dogs, or spiders.

Children dive into games revelry because they achieve the feeling of power and excitement. Varied skill levels and time limits patterned in games let the adrenaline pumping within them. The control of remote in their hands gives them a false sense of achievements in the virtual world.

Gaming addictioncan have serious physical, emotional, and social consequences. Although it hasn’t been given an “official” diagnosis, addiction-like behaviors with the computer, video, and Internet gaming have noticeably increased among both teenagers and adults. For e.g: video games can create vision problems, muscle strains, headaches, seizures and other ailments.

In addition, obsessive video gamers have a higher risk of clinical depression or Anxiety than non-gamers.

Like any addictive behavior, there are signs to look for if you suspect your child might have a gaming addiction. When you notice that the adult or the child is:

  • Pre-occupied
  • Downplaying computer use
  • Lacking control
  • Wasting Time
  • Hiding from negative or uncomfortable feelings or situations
  • Defensive
  • Mis-using money

It is time to dehypnotize yourself with Arti Tuteja, an expert Hypnotherapist

Fears drown our confidence level and leave us sulking. Such fears lead to anxiety, loss of control, nausea, sweating and surges panic. In spite of having an open eye to its irrationality, the fears-sufferers can’t shut them off.

How does Hypnotherapy help for Gaming Addiction?

Playing console game is very hypnotising, taking a person into a trance where he/she loses track of time. Hypnosis aims to get to the root of the addiction by inducing a state of heightened awareness in the client. In this relaxed and open state, the client becomes more susceptible to suggestions.

Arti Tuteja Hypnotist helps the client dehypnotise from that state and gain control over their lives while providing the support and guidance required in altering ingrained behavioural and habitual patterns.