Food can be a distraction to what you feel!

Binge Eating is a compulsive eating habit where person suffering is gorging on large quantity of food multiple times or throughout the day. Without any subsequent meal episodes, it makes a person powerless in controlling his eating. The inability to stop bingeing even when the person is no more hungry, results in surging guilt, disgust and blown out body weight.

Binge eating habit, as the name implies, is characterized by uncontrollable excessive eating, followed by feelings of guilt and shame. To release this tension, they ultimately end up eating more.

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Binge eating may be comforting or distracting for a brief moment, but then reality sets back in, along with regret and self-loathing. Binge eating often leads to weight gain and obesity, which only reinforces compulsive eating. The worse a binge eater feels about themselves and their appearance, the more they use food to cope. Thus, Binge Eating is an incessant cycle: Bingeing –Stress –More Bingeing to cope with it.

Additionally, these individuals tend to diet more often, enrolled in weight-control programs.

In many ways, Bingeing may be an outcome of anxiety, loneliness, depression, boredom, low self-esteem which is generally revealed in Hypnosis by the Clients and such negative feelings seek security and solace in food.

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Stop yourself from suffering silently! And bring back your controls.

How Hypnotherapy helps in Binge Eating?

Hypnotherapy is a natural method which eliminates stored habits and conflicting emotions. The aim of this therapy is to eliminate the feelings attached with bingeing and use the power of suggestions to change habits and thoughts surrounding certain things. For example, Hypnotherapy for over-eating habits would look to facilitate a change in thinking when it comes to eating.

It promotes the subconscious powers to alter and replace unhealthy bingeing to more healthy habits and responds towards food with greater control. It finally sweeps through the autopilot mode of eating. When the mind and body knows when you are full and when to stop without making conscious or deliberate effort or use of will power.

Hypnotherapy can teach you techniques to help you cope with unhelpful thinking. This can be especially beneficial to ensure you stay healthy after recovery. If you think you are at risk of relapsing, be sure to contact us.

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