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Food Has Nothing To Do With Weight Management!

Yes! Food is never a problem if you are struggling with your weight. The above statement can be quite drastic for some people but let me put this in perspective.

These days there is so much knowledge, research and recipe floating around on social media regarding what to do if you are over weight or obese and having “yo yo” weight gain and loss. It will talk about numerous ways in which one can maintain balance diet and new era global food supply helping the “strugglers”

Moreover it will try to relate with nutrition deficiency and diseases in many ways that can scare the reader. It may be true with people having specific medical history and problem who need to maintain certain diet or avoid certain foods. But by and large the general population may not need such great amount of information.

This has changed our relationship with the food we eat and nutrition we need to live a healthy life. Even though with oceans of diet and food information, people are struggling with weight management! Have you wonder why? Our body is an amazing machine, it does things for us automatically, it tells us when we are hungry and when we are not, how much we can eat and when to stop. What nutrient we lack and it tell us in the form of hunger, feeling of being full and cravings that we all experience on a daily basis, but still people suffer from portion control, have you wonder why?

In all this, food is not the culprit! It’s the “mind” who sends messages to eat more, binge and eat food that satiate the sugar rush. When we feel insecure, stressed, and lonely and many other such negative feelings, the protective mind wants us to feel “ok” again. We as human beings have an innate attachment with food and feelings of security. So in the event when some one does not feel secure in other words feels sad, stressed, lonely and insecure, food provides security.

But here is the thing, eating food provide security for few minutes to few hours, and the feelings will be back again as there was no effort made to deal with the feelings. Food was merely a distraction. So when you deal with your negative feelings like loneliness, not good enough, stress, sadness, insecurity, your body already knows how much food is needed, what nutrition is needed and when. It is wired to do that job for your. It’s a natural design. And that’s why most of these diet fail, as it works on the body of the person while the problem lies in the mind.

Diet fails, hypnosis works. Hypnosis deals with emotions, feelings and negative programming of the subconscious mind and changes your relationship with food.

By Arti Tuteja

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