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Bariatric Hypnosis

What is Bariatric?

Bariatric surgery is the most reliable way to sustain weight loss in the morbidly obese, where weight loss is achieved by reducing the size of the stomach with a gastric band.  Overweight and obesity are mounting rises in the medical problems, obese people, including children; find it difficult to lose weight all by themselves. Individuals who have a BMI (Body Mass Index) capping the range of 25 have a greater risk of medical issues.

Overweight People normally tend to lose weight in the beginning but gradually return to the same weight the moment they cease their diet. Therefore, some improvement in the psychological health is required pre and post bariatric surgery. It is common for dieters to have tried fad diets only to find that they gain weight, or return to their original weight, which makes it difficult to lose weight on their own. Some improvement in patient psychological health is noted after bariatric surgery.

Why Consider Hypnosis before surgery?

Obesity is a gradual progression to a condition, an end result of a lifestyle full of wrong choices. Be it food, choice, and the portion of food, water intake, activity and exercise on a daily basis, smoking, drinking alcohol habits emotional and self-image make up. All of this is safely stored in the subconscious mind as habits, beliefs, and emotional energy.

This program is also useful for clients who have already done the surgery and it’s not giving desired results. The second category of clients would be young clients in their teenage etc.

How is Hypnosis useful for Bariatric Clients?

  • Make healthy food choices
  • Quit Smoking
  • Stop Drinking Alcohol
  • Stop Emotional Eating
  • Motivation to Exercise
  • Stress Management
  • Self Image
  • Portion Control

How does Bariatric Hypnosis work?

The idea that before the anatomy is changed, the mind needs to be changed is very real, as our mind governs our body. Bariatric Hypnosis is an 8 session’s program for clients who are considering surgery for weight loss due to obesity. The sessions go as follows:

  • Changing Your Life by Changing Your Mind – In the first session, you will embark on the journey that will be guided by your emotional compass; you will learn how to control your mind. You will experience a noble connection with your subconscious mind and you will come to the understanding that you are in command of your own life and your own fate. You will develop knowing that anything is possible and your analogy with food is no longer as important as you believed it once was.
  • Reclaiming Ownership of Self – From the time you were born, you were processed by outside influences. Starting with your parents program you first, it was accompanied by your siblings, friends, teachers, religion, government and your partner. You never really got a chance to program yourself. Now you will learn how to look at your life in a whole different way with the power over your own life.
  • Bariatric Surgery for the Mind – Here, you will undergo a Bariatric Surgery encounter without a knife. A unique bariatric experience that will introduce your mind to the concept of surgery leaving you with the mental effects of a stomach restriction.
  • Eliminate Fears – In this sitting, you will realize the power of a positive outlook to the future. You will understand how your body has changed and how those changes affect you. You will be given the power to heal yourself more swiftly and realize that your mind controls your body. You will leave convinced with the choice you have made for the future.
  • Understanding Your Importance – In this session, you will come to terms with how to deal with life as you shed your fat. Now, as the shield of artificial protection melts away, you will learn how to empower yourself. You will let go of the past and focus on the future.
  • Prioritizing Yourself –Post the surgery, you will come to terms with the changes in yourself and those around you and learn how to handle them before they become problematic. You will learn how to teach those around you what to expect and allow them to accompany you on this journey.
  • Eating to Exist – Then, the food was your emotional mediator, now your relationship with food is the key to your success. After this portion of the program, you will understand that food is not to be feared. Like the new-born, you will learn to eat all over again
  • Declare Your Space in the World – You are important and you will emerge from this session reassured in that knowledge. The difference in saying it and understanding it through hypnosis must be experienced to be understood.
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