NLP Basic Practitioner Training Course, Certified by NFNLP, USA

Emotional intelligence with a trail of technique.

If you could know exactly how to change your habits, perceptions, limiting beliefs, how to resolve any internal conflicts, how to become the person you always wanted to be, than NLP Basic Practitioner, Certified by National Federation of NLP, USA program is for you.

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You learn basic skills to enhance your personal and professional success,you will learn to:

  • Speed up your learning in any field.
  • Positive changes in the way you think, feel and act.
  • Successfully get your message across, every time.
  • Understand patterns in human behavior
  • Improve your sensory acuity.
  • Model based on characteristics common among high achievers.
  • Recognize how other people respond to you.
  • Defuse tense situations and be yourself

Who can attend?

This course is for anyone who wants to improve and direct their life to be successful. whether you are in a Hypnotist, life Coach, social worker, in sales, teaching, public speaking, or any other profession – these powerful techniques will help you both professionally and personally.

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