Sleep is a MUST.

Sound and adequate sleep are a BLISS.

Insomnia is the disruption of a normal sleep pattern, and it’s estimated that approximately one in four people will suffer from the condition at some point in their life. It is during deep sleep at night the unconscious mind becomes active allowing the mind to repair wear and tear, improve immunity and memory.

Understanding insomnia is very important to get rid of it altogether. Insomnia can manifest in many ways, it could be having difficulty falling sleep, or getting up in-between and difficulty falling back asleep, or getting up early and not able to sleep at all or waking repeatedly at night.

Insomnia can last for days, weeks or even years and can be extremely distressing, exhausting, depressing and frustrating. If the condition lasts two to three days it’s often referred to as transient insomnia. Chronic insomnia can lead to other health conditions such as depression and the misuse of drugs or alcohol.

In many cases insomnia could be an outcome of underlying anxieties and fears. Insomnia can be caused by psychiatric conditions such as depression. Psychological struggles can make it hard to sleep, insomnia itself can bring on changes in mood, and shifts in hormones and physiology can lead to both psychiatric issues and insomnia at the same time.

Many of us will know how it feels when you just can’t drop off. It may be that you’re thinking about tomorrow’s to-do list, or you had a coffee after dinner. Or perhaps you found it easy to fall asleep, but keep on waking throughout the night. Either way, it can leave you feeling drained and stressed the next day. Those who suffer from insomnia will experience this feeling on a regular basis.

Whatever is the case, help is available.

You deserve a full night’s deep sleep and a normal life. Arti Tuteja, a consulting Hypnotist can help with her Hypnotherapy techniques to get sound sleep.

How does Hypnotherapy help in Insomnia?

Sleeping problems sometimes have an obvious cause, but sometimes they don’t. If you are unsure why you are having difficulties sleeping, hypnosis for insomnia can be useful. With hypnotherapy, you will learn to drift into the sleep.

If insomnia is due to unresolved emotional issues, it will reveal itself in hypnosis and can be easily eliminated.

It will not happen overnight but the more you practice the more you will enjoy perfect deep sleep. It relaxes the conscious mind and teaches relaxation techniques to your subconscious for peaceful slumber. Hypnotherapy modifies the perceptions, fears and anxieties stored in the subconscious mind, after which you can enjoy the happier and calmer YOU.